Transformation intensive course on working with Rod

The end of autumn is one of the favorable periods for the veneration of our Ancestors. This period begins on October 22, on the memorial day, which is called Autumn Grandfathers. From this day to the Winter Solstice, it is very auspicious to work with your Family. This is a special time when you can free yourself from the karmic debts passed down from generation to generation, restore communication with the Ancestors and receive the blessing of the Kind to develop wisdom in yourself.

During this favorable period for patrimonial practices, the Research Center for Personality Development “SOURCE OF THE SOUL” conducted a transformational intensive course on working with Rod.

We thank all participants of the Course for joint co-creation in deep practical work, energy and meditative practices for the benefit of ourselves and our Family! Behind the inner response to work with Rod is our deep, subconscious intention to KNOW and HEAR YOURSELF, CONNECT WITH YOURSELF, with your ESSENCE, TO COME TO THE SOURCE OF THE SOUL. Working with Rod is a tool to help with this. Working with Rod, we shoot programs that prevent us from hearing ourselves and living according to our program embedded in an individual matrix.