Excursion to the shrine of Chernihiv

On February 15, on the feast of the Presentation of the Lord, the Research Center for Personal Development “Source of Soul” organized an excursion to the shrines of Chernihiv.

The first object of our excursion program was the HOLY Ascension Church in with. New Basan. The group took part in the morning liturgy, the rite of consecration of Sretensky candles and water. Then the rector of the Temple, Father Andrei, conducted a tour for our group. We visited the chapel, which was built on the grave of the Monk Mercury of Briginsky and the renovated church, where the reverend served (v. Brigintsy).

They also visited the Holy Trinity Gustinsky Women’s Monastery in Priluki, on the territory of which there are 5 Temples and the tomb of the Princes Repin-Volkonsky. The servants of the monastery welcomed us cordially. The real miracle for the group was the blessing of each miraculous icon taken out of the altar.

The end of our trip was a visit to the ARKHANGEL-MIKHAILOVSKAYA CHURCH (v. Polonki). An indescribable atmosphere of goodness, pacification, a state of solitude with oneself reigns here.

Our Ukraine is rich in shrines and places of power! We invite you to travel with us!