Course "PRACTICAL WORK WITH ENERGIES OF SPACE" (February 19-23, 2020)

The Research Center for Personality Development “SOURCE OF SOUL” conducts the 1st level of the course “PRACTICAL WORK WITH ENERGIES OF SPACE”. The course is designed for 5 days – 5 days of immersion in the general transformation field of the group.

Everything that surrounds us has the properties of energy. Objects, events, our emotions, thoughts, historical past, planned and unplanned future have their own energy parameters. All this to a greater or lesser extent affects us, our physical and psycho-emotional state, determines the quality of our life.

Man naturally has the ability to receive and evaluate, as well as excite, generate, transform and transmit energy flows. Each of the people has these abilities. And our task at this stage is to show, reveal and actively use them.

At the moment, energy-vibrational rearrangements are taking place in space that are changing the field structures of everything on Earth. These changes will affect, first of all, the consciousness of living creatures living on planet Earth, with the subsequent restructuring of all bodies, including the physical. Regardless of desire, all the inhabitants of the planet are involved in this process, therefore, sooner or later, everyone will feel the influence of these changes. For a conscious and comfortable co-setting with the vibrations of space, it is suggested, through an inner feeling, to touch this sacred process of the Transition.

For this, the course will offer a program and methods for assessing the energy-vibrational state of subjects and objects, their field structures (energy-information passports); ways of transforming energy from negative to positive; filling oneself and their field structures with the energies of space, transferring these energies to other people, objects, events. As well as determining the parameters of the New level of consciousness through an energy-vibrational state, tuning to a New level of consciousness – working with your subtle bodies and your Higher Self. The program will offer both group and individual meditative practices.

The course is designed, first of all, for those who are ready to practically work with the energies of space, who have a desire to study and understand their nature more deeply, and also have the courage and strength to take responsibility for the final result, and finally awaken in themselves the function laid down by Nature itself is to become a Co-Creator.

Each course participant participates (optionally) in the study of their energy system. Before the start of the course, everyone will be diagnosed with aura and determined the energy level at the current moment. After completing the course, diagnostics will also be done to understand the dynamics of the state of the energy system.

The course is taught by a master of work with the energies of space, a teacher of the fundamentals of a holistic worldview – Igor Mikhailovich Kovalchuk.