Course "PRACTICAL WORK WITH ENERGIES OF SPACE" (December 21-25, 2019)

The Research Center for Personality Development “SOURCE OF SOUL” has developed a PROGRAM of “KNOW YOURSELF. THE WAY TO THE SOURCE OF THE SOUL. ” THE PROGRAM consists of separate BLOCKS.

Within the framework of the PROGRAM, the course “PRACTICAL WORK WITH ENERGIES OF SPACE” was held.

The course is a block of the PROGRAM, a basic level in knowing yourself. The course was read by a teacher of the Center, a master of working with the energies of space, a teacher of the basics of a holistic worldview, the author of the course is Igor Mikhailovich Kovalchuk.

The course program included:

methods for assessing the energy-vibrational state of subjects and objects, their field structures; energy transformation methods; filling yourself and your field structures with the energies of space and transferring these energies to other people, objects, events; determination of the parameters of the New level of consciousness through the energy-vibrational state; tuning to a New level of consciousness – work with your subtle bodies and your Higher Self; deep, transformational, meditative practices aimed at cleansing the energy field from destructive programs, filling with highly vibrational energies and harmonizing the field.

Each course participant participated in the study of their energy system using modern diagnostic methods.