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The Research Center for Personality Development “SOURCE OF SOUL” begins a joint project “KNOWLEDGE YOURSELF. KEYS AND LIFE CODES ”with Julia Konovalova, psychologist, energy therapist, consultant using the Reincarnationalism method. From the Center, the project is presented by the head of the Center, the consultant on the correction of the energy matrix codes of fate – Natalia Maydebura.

Each person is born with a certain set of energy codes embedded in an individual matrix of fate. The fate matrix is ​​a kind of operating system, a program according to which the soul lives. Therefore, it is very important for every person to know and study their programs, their energies that they radiate into the world, understand their mental viruses and behavior motives, the causes of all situations that come to life. The matrix reveals the tasks of the person, the purpose, shows what the person came into embodiment to study with – what qualities need to be developed, with which he immediately came in the “minus” at birth. And accordingly, immediately there is an understanding of what needs to be displayed as a plus. Each energy can work in our destiny, both in “plus” and in “minus”. It can work partially in the “plus”, partially in the “minus”. Our energies go up or down according to our thoughts, actions and actions. Having calculated our matrix of fate, we will understand that we need to change in ourselves and our character so that this or that situation in our life transforms.

After the matrix of fate has been calculated, the “pros” and “cons” of energies have been identified, a reincarnation viewing session will be offered. The session makes it possible to find the root cause of the situation, which brought the energy to “minus”, to bring energy to “plus”, to transform it, and also to bring the emotional state into a harmonious one. There are many tools available for personal and professional growth. Why reincarnation? Reincarnationalism as an instrument activates the memory of your Soul, helps to adjust the connection of the personality with the Soul, spiritual Mentors, the Higher Self. It promotes healing and harmonization of consciousness, helps bring unconscious events to a conscious level, build and harmonize the vertical: consciousness – subconsciousness – Higher Self. More detailed information about the project read here:


Jun 03 2020 - Dec 31 2025


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