Nikolay Zikranets

  • founder of the Research Center for Personality Development "SOURCE OF SOUL";
  • clairvoyant;
  • bioenergoinformtherapist;
  • master of bio-informational and energetic massage;
  • conducts individual healing techniques for bio-informational and energetic massage;
  • advises on issues of health, family relations, business projects.

Man is a multidimensional being that is not limited to the physical body, but rather the physical body is an indicator of our energy structure, which includes: the field, subtle bodies, chakras, meridians and energy channels. It is impossible to separate one from the other. Therefore, medicine is often powerless, not considering a person as a single structure. A subtle energy body is associated with each energy center. All this interacts and provides us with life and health. This is how energy exchange works in a healthy person.

The method of bio-informational-energy massage makes it possible to diagnose the state of the Spirit, Soul and energy structure of a person, to understand the cause of the violation of the flow of energy (for example, a fright received in childhood can cause tension, clamp or block in the body), eliminate this energy violation, restore and harmonize the natural flow of energy through energy channels.

Work is going on with subtle matters through physical touch. The healer sees the energy structure of a person, feels stagnation and blocks,
and through clean energy directed through the hands through impulses, it cleans the impurities, opens the blocks, fills with high vibration energy. As a result of this, destructive energy is broken, blocking the body, the proper functioning of the entire energy structure is restored, the natural forces of man are awakened, and the self-healing mechanism is launched. A person is filled with natural energy, which has a beneficial effect on all areas of his life.

After a massage session, a person is given recommendations for maintaining himself in a resource state.