Julia Konovalova

  • psychologist;
  • energy therapist;
  • Reincarnational Method Consultant.

Practicing psychologist, more than 12 years of practice. Certified Reincarnational Method Consultant.

I see past lives since childhood. She remembered more than 200 of her past incarnations. I have been engaged in conscious spiritual development since 2004 (for 16 years already). During this time I got acquainted with many approaches and practices.
In my personal consultations, when working with a client, I rely on those practices, tools that are suitable for the client specifically for solving his current request.

There are many tools available for personal and professional growth.

Why reincarnation?

Reincarnationalism as a tool: it activates the memory of your Soul, helps to adjust the connection of the personality with the Soul, spiritual Mentors, the Higher Self, which contributes to the healing and harmonization of consciousness, helps bring unconscious events to a conscious level, build and harmonize the vertical: consciousness – subconsciousness – Higher Self.

I will be your guide to the depths of your memory. I will help to find, see, realize the root cause of the current situation.
After realizing the root cause of the situation – the healing of consciousness occurs, and the situation is aligned at the energy level,
which brings changes on the physical plane. You can harmonize the main areas of your life.
Understand your lessons and tasks.